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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Salt River on Memorial Day

Well I am still waiting for the South Fork to drop to get out there and learn a few things. The good news is that it is dropping about 1,000 CFS every night. So tomorrow it should be bout time to get out there.

I decided to go float the Salt River with my wife and father on Memorial Day. We floated a section of river that I have never been on before, and what a learning lesson it was. We floated from the town of Grover to the Auburn Bridge. I thought we were doing a half day float because the drift is only four road miles. However those 4 road miles ended up being like 8 river miles. I have never seen a section of river in my entire of life that had as many twists and turns as the Salt. There were sections in the river that made complete "U" turns.

Anyways the fishing was a little slow, but still awesome since all we did was throw big streamers. The is really nothing better than a streamer grab for a decent size Brown or Cutthroat. In total we had about 10 grabs, with the biggest fish going about 17''. I love not having to throw indicators all day long. It is finally nice to do something different. Give me a call if you want to come and check out these true trout rivers.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Salt River 5/23/2007

Well now that I am finally out here to guide the South Fork it is about time I start doing some fishing. One big problem though the South Fork is blown out and flowing at 20,000 cfs. That is a lot of water for a tailwater fishery. The good news though is that it should be fishable by mid next week.

Since the South Fork is unfishable, I decided to go spend some time on one of my favorite rivers in the world. The Salt River is a small wandering river that fishes like a spring creek. However when I went and checked it out there was probably only three feet of visibility. Good for me the fish in the Salt like streamers. The fishing was a little slow, but still managed to get a dozen grabs on big streamers in about four hours. I must admit fishing streamers is a little more fun than watching an indicator floating down the river. This is going to be one great summer! I cant wait for all of the adventures God has in line for Bonnie and I. Give me a call if you want to come out to dry fly and streamer heaven.

A Change of Pace & A New Home for the Summer

For those of you that don't know. I have headed out to guide in Idaho for the summer. For the next three months I will be throwing streamers and dries on the waters of eastern Idaho and western Wyoming. The main water I have come to guide is the South Fork of the Snake River. Check out my web page for additional information on this amazing river. The South Fork is one of the best rivers I have ever fished. If you have not tried it then you need to make a point to get out here. Give me a call to book a day for the famous Salmon Fly Hatch.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Lower Sac on 5/16/2007

The Lower Sac was a lot of fun today. However to be honest I was actually surprised with the good fishing, due to the fact that the water authorities lowered the flows 2,000 cfs over night. I guided Brian and Bill from Sacramento, and I once again floated from Anderson down to Barge Hole. In total we landed 35+ rainbows, and lost probably another 20. The hot bugs today was a size 12BH Golden Stone, 6 Brown Rubberlegs, and a 14BH Pheasant Tail. I only have a couple of days left before I leave for Idaho, but if you want any prime dates for the fall you should book soon. I already have half of my available days booked. Tight Lines!

The Lower Feather on 3/5/2007

I had the opportunity to guide Will from Phoenix on the Lower Feather. If you like to hook hot pissed off steelhead in May, then get out on the Feather before it is over. Guiding was a lot of fun for me today. The first part of the day I took Will up to wade around the hatchery. We hooked 3 huge spring steelies in about 3 hours of wading. Needless to say that these big fish kicked Will's butt up and down the river. There is nothing better than watching a 7-8lb fish rip off 100 feet of backing in a matter of seconds. Yet all three fish won the battle and ended up coming off. The second part of the day we floated the Low Flow section. Floating through Low Flow we hooked 1 more adult around 22'' and 4 half pounders. I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent conditions for this late in the spring. I look forward to doing it again soon. Give me a call if you want the prime dates for next year's fall run of steelhead on the Feather.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Feather on 4/29/2007

This weekend has been a great adventure for my clients from New Mexico. They have come to Northern California to fish three different rivers in three days. So on their last day we decided to float the Lower Feather in hopes to run into a few spring steelhead. We hooked 9 springers today. The first part of the day we spent wading the top section near the hatchery, and while we were up there one of my clients hooked a monster fish for the spring. As soon as this adult steelie was hooked it immediately ripped off 70 feet of backing and started jumping and rolling around. I was fired up, because this fish did not act like most Feather fish. This steelhead reminded me of the fish that you hook when you are chasing the grey ghost on the coast. Well as any good fish story goes, my client fought the fish all the way to the net. The fish made one last surge and the hook pulled out of his mouth. I'm pretty sure the guy from New Mexico will be coming back to renew that memory real soon. Steelheading is just plain addicting!! The rest of the day we continued to hook 8 more fish. 7 of them were half pounders, and 1 small adult. The hot bugs were a size 14 San Juan Worm & 16 BH redheaded prince. Give me a call if you want to get on some late steelhead action on the Feather.

The Lower Yuba on 4/28/2007

Today I had the opportunity to head out toward Marysville to guide the Yuba. I was really excited to guide this morning due to the anticipation of throwing some dry flies. Well my anticipation was disappointed when I got out on the river. There were no bugs coming off on the Yuba. So I was forced to another day of fishing indicators in deep water. The entire day I only saw one fish rise. What a bummer especially when you come to the Yuba to get your shots at throwing dry flies. Well with the lack of bugs the Yuba fished extremely tough. We hooked 8 really nice rainbows on the float from highway 20 down to Sycamore RV Park. All of the fish came on a size 18 biot baetis. It was nice to float on a different river today. Give me a call if you want to go out on the Yuba to throw some dries, and hopefully when you come out the bug life will cooperate.

The Lower Sac on 4/27/2007

Another successful day on the Lower Sac. This river is a special place! The Sac is like a machine, almost any day of the year a person can hook 25+ fish. We truly have a gem that we can fish every day of the year. Today I had the opportunity to guide Gary and Jeff from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I decided to do the same float as yesterday, and it was a great call. Anderson River Park to Barge Hole has really been fishing well lately. This morning I had a little advantage over the other guides due to the fact that I knew they were going to eat that pheasant tail with all of the caddis coming off. We ended up landing 35+ rainbows, and we got one really nice fish that went 21''. It seemed like the flats fished extremely well today. Give me a call to get on some great fishing on the Lower Sac in May.

The Lower Sac on 4/26/2007

I had the opportunity to guide Jim & Steve from the Bay Area. The weather was beautiful today. It was a nice 80 degrees with blue bird skies. I decided to take the guys from Anderson River Park down to the Barge Hole. The fishing was a little slow this morning. It took me about two hours to figure out what the fish wanted. There were caddis popping all over the place, but they would not eat any of the caddis patterns that I was having my clients use. It ended up that they wanted to eat a size 14 BH Pheasant Tail. I guess sometimes the fish dictate to you what they want to eat. So those trout aren't as stupid as they look. We ended up putting 25+ fish in the boat, and hooking many more than that. The hot bugs today were a size 14 BH pheasant tail & a 14BH copper bob. Book now if you want to get a chance to fish with me before I leave for Idaho this summer.