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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Good Late Season Feather Steelhead Fishing

I had a good late season steelhead trip on the Feather today. This year the Feather is fishing much later than normal. Expect for there to be good numbers of fish in the system through the first week of December. The fishing today was really consistent. In total we hooked 15+ steelhead in the 18-24" range. The majority of the fish came on eggs. Today was a tad better than the rest of the week but most days we are hooking between 12-14 fish. Not bad for the weekend after Thanksgiving. For anyone looking for a last minute egg bite trip then I have Nov. 27-28, 30 open. Anyone interested in these last minute trips then I will do them for the specail price of $295 for a full day. Email me ASAP at if you are interested. Take Care.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Steelhead are HERE!!!

The last three weeks have been impressive. Lots of great days of steelhead fishing have been taking place in the valley. If you are itching to get on the water and feel the fight of these feisty fish then now is the time to get out there. Only a couple more weeks left for the valley steelhead game. I have a couple prime time openings still available to fish the Feather or Lower Sections of the Sac. Below is my current openings and full fishing report. Current Openings: Nov. 19, 25-28, 30 and Dec. 3-8, 10-12, 14-18, 20-21, 23 Feather River Putting out year after year! The fishing on the Feather has been awesome this fall. The great news is that our salmon population is holding on later than normal this year. We have small groups of salmon still making their way into the system and creating an egg bite that is lasting longer than normal. Expect the Feather to fish through Thanksgiving weekend this year. Right now we are hooking about 15 steelhead per day. Not to many places can boast of numbers like these. If you are into catching some pissed off fish then now is the time to give it a try. Fish in the 19-23" class are common and we are seeing a 25-26" about every 3 days. Call me ASAP for my only opening next week! Lower Sacramento River Old Reliable! The Sac has been solid the last couple of weeks. I have been putting all of my focus on the lower stretches of late. Fishing from Balls to Jellys Ferry and Red Bluff to Los Molinos has been good. For those of you looking to do some trout fishing and run into a couple of steelhead then the next two weeks is the time to do that. The Lower Drifts have been putting out about 20-25 trout per day and a couple shots at some big steelhead. Just this last Saturday a client hooked a fish that was probably 8 lbs. If you are into rolling the dice and looking for those monsters then Red Bluff is the drift for you. You throw in a bunch of trout to keep you interested then it turns into a really fun day. Call ASAP for my last opening this month. Yuba River If you treat me nice I might give you some dry fly loving! The Yuba like the Feather has had some decent late season fishing. There are still a few salmon in the river that are keeping a handful of fish eating eggs. I would call the fishing fairly average with most days resulting in 20ish hookups. The best part is there has been a blue wing olive hatch in the afternoons that has been getting the fish looking up. This last weekend we were able to throw dry flies for about 2 hours in the afternoon with fish rising to our flies consistently. So if you are looking for some good winter fishing then the Yuba can produce some decent nymphing with solid dry fly fishing thrown in the mix.