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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lower Sac, Yuba, Feather Trifecta in 3 Days

I just got done guiding the Lower Sac, Yuba, and Feather in three days with the same guys. It was a great trip as all of the rivers were on FIRE. This is truly a special time right now in the North Valley. Bruce and his son Kevin had never fished any of the rivers and by the end of the weekend I think they had a new appreciation for their home fisheries. Below you can find a report from what I saw out there.

Lower Sac (Day 1): Fished the Lower Sac from Anderson down to Balls Ferry. River was incredible. Boated over 40 rainbows. But lots of little fish that day. The majority of the fish were between 10"-14". However we were lucky enough to find a big guy that went 22". The hot bugs were the normal spring flies with rubber legs, yellow eggs, prince nymphs, pheasant tail, etc. Expect the Lower Sac to fish well through the end of April. For those of you waiting for good reports: NOW IS THE TIME!

Lower Yuba (Day 2): Well the Yuba doesn't get much better than it has been the last week. I have been floating from Highway 20 down to the Rod/Gun Club. Lots of numbers and quality fish. The nymphing has been crazy good. Every standard spot has been holding fish. Currently most days we are hooking 20-25 rainbows. Plus each day we are getting shots at 20" fish. The hot flies have been SJWs, flashback pt, copper john, Hogan's S&M, and Hogan's Clinger. I have not been getting that much love on caddis yet. The dry fly fishing has been hit and miss depending on the pmd hatch in the middle of the day. Check out the nice double Bruce and Kevin pulled off.

Lower Feather (Day 3): Went and checked out the Feather with my clients to see if those springers were in there yet. Had a good day catching trout sized quarter pounders. Hooked 18 little guys between 10"-15". The biggest fish we found was only 18". No adults hooked. The hot flies were SJWs, olive birds nest, prince nymph, and Hogan's S&M. The Feather should get better and better over the next two weeks. Expect those big fish to start showing up real soon.

All in all we had a great three days of fishing. The trifecta was good to us.

For those of you interested in doing some fishing I just had a cancellation for March 17 and 18. These are the only two days I have left in March. Email ASAP if you want to get in on the great fishing.

Tight Lines!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lower Yuba Fishing Good

I guided the Lower Yuba today. It was supposed to be a full day trip but it ended up more like 2/3 of a day. The water looked awesome this morning. Great green color. Fish were super grabby from the start on egg patterns. Then as the day progressed our 4 feet of visibility turned into about 1 foot of visibility by three o'clock. It didn't help that they increased the flow to 2,300 cfs right in the middle of the day. But that is part of the game.

All in all it was a good day. Hooked 16 hot rainbows between 16"-19" in about 5.5 hours of fishing. It could have been a banner day if the water clarity would have stayed good.

Should be fishable again by Friday. Assuming the weather man is correct and everything is going to be dry tomorrow.

Tight Lines!