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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Lower Sac on 3/25/2007

Today was one of the hardest days I have had on the Lower Sac in several months. The water resource people decided to jump the flows from 4800 CFS to 5800 CFS overnight. One thing about the Lower Sac fish is that they do not like change. Drastic water changes or even drastic weather can put the bite off for a day or so. So from the start I knew that it was going to be tough out there. I had the same clients both on Saturday and Sunday, so I decided to do another float to show them some new water. I decided to float from Sac RV down to Balls Ferry. I had to do a shorter float because my clients had to be off the water by 3:45 PM. We started fishing around 9AM, and by 2:30PM we had only hooked 3 fish. I guess you could officially say the fish freaked out. However from 2:30 until we took off the fishing was fantastic. In the last hour of fishing we hooked 14 rainbows, and got one pig that went 22''. A 22'' rainbow below Anderson is a HUGE fish! At 2:30 it was like God turned the feeding light switch on. For the conditions I was very happy. Not to often do I get fired up by only hooking 17 rainbows, but on a day like today it felt like an accomplishment. I wonder if we would have done a full day if the fish would have continued to eat? Anyways, the hot bug today was a 14 tan fox's pupah. Give me a call to get in on the Spring Caddis action, and hopefully the day you come up they wont mess with the water flows!

The Lower Sac on 3/24/2007

I had the opportunity to fish with Denny and Richard on the Lower Sac. The boat traffic is getting heavier each week as people are trying to get in on the big caddis hatches. The caddis hatches have been very sporadic of the last couple weeks, and the trend has been a total afternoon bite. The weather was very nice today with the temperature in the mid 70s. I decided to do another split float from Bonnyview down to Sac RV in the morning, and then Posse Grounds to Bonnyview in the afternoon. The fishing was fantastic! We hooked 50+ rainbows today, and we got one toad of a fish that went 21.5''. By the time we had gotten to Sac RV we had probably hooked 30, and then we got the other 20 rainbows in the afternoon. The hot bugs that proved successful today were 16 zug bugs and 16 Hogan's S&M. Give me a call if you are interested in trying out the Lower Sac during the spring time.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Lower Sac on 3/22/2007

I had the opportunity to fish with Brian and Terry from the Granite Bay Fly Fishers Club. I was extremely worried about the wind forcast, especially since I had gotten my butt kicked by it on Wednesday. So I decided to do a split float. The morning we floated from Bonnyview down to Sac RV, and then in the afternoon we floated Posse Grounds down to Bonnyview. I thought that possibly staying in the top section of the river we might be able to stay out of the wind. The morning started off with 20MPH northern wind gusts, but by the end of the day it was extremely calm. Its crazy what a couple hours difference can make. The morning fished a litte tough with all of the wind. It is not easy to get a real good drift when the wind is trying to push you down river. By the time we were pulling off at RV we had hooked 20+ rainbows, and in the afternoon we hooked an additional 20+ rainbows. Not to bad of a day considering the weather forecasts. The hot bugs today were a 16BH CDC Prince, 18BH Amber Wing Prince, and a 16BH Hogan's S&M nymph. You need to call know if you want to book a handful of the days I have left this spring.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Lower Sac on 3/21/2007

Fished the Lower Sac today with David Hughes and his father-in-law Ed. David Hughes is the guy who created my website, and he is extremely talented at his profession. You can find his email information at the bottom of my website. The wind was absolutely brutal on the river. It was blowing about 15MPH all day long, and getting a decent drift was extremely difficult. We did manage to land 15 rainbows, and got on nice 19'' fish. Hopefully the weather is going to be better tomorrow. The hot bugs were 14BH CDC Prince and 16 Zug Bug. Book now if you want a day of fly fishing on the Lower Sac this spring.

The Lower Sac on 3/19/2007

Fished the Lower Sac with my beautiful wife and Greg from Sweenys Sports in Napa. The weather was once again beautiful. This spring is really starting to pan out very nicely. However the fishing was a little more difficult today. We only had 8 fish in the boat by 2:00PM, but by the end of the day we ended up with 30+. It was like a light switched was turned on about 2:30, and all of the fish in the river decided to eat. We also managed to raise three rainbows on dries. The bugs that proved successful today was 16BH King Prince, 14BH CDC Prince, and 16 Zug Bug. Check out my webpage for additional info and contact information.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Lower Sac on 3/17/2007

Today, I had a large group trip on the Lower Sac through Sac River Outfitters. I decided to float from Bonnyview down to Balls Ferry. The weather was beautiful for mid May. In Redding it was 85 degrees with blue bird skies. I thought the caddis hatch was going to be huge with the nice weather, but they only came off from 1:30 to 3:00. Even with the short hatch, the fish were still eating the nymphs extremely well. From Bonnyview down to Anderson River Park the hot bugs were a 16bh king prince and 16 zug bug. Below Anderson the fish switched to a size 12 twenty incher stone. In total we landed 39 rainbows, and we only lost 7 fish. I was very proud of my clients for barely losing any fish. Not a bad day for their first time to ever fish the Sac. Its time to book now if you want those few days that I still have available in April and May.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Lower Sac on 3/10/2007

I had the opportunity to row my dad and one of our close family friends on the Lower Sac. When I pulled up to the boat launch I was afraid that I had chosen the wrong drift. In total there were eight boats putting in at Bonnyview. Luckily for me they were all doing a long drift all the way down to Balls Ferry, and I was only going to Anderson. This drift is getting a little repetitive for me, but it is holding lots of fish. So I ended slowing up at first to let everyone get out in front of me. By the time I got to the Porky Pig riffle everyone was out of sight, and I had the rest of the drift to myself. We had a great day hooking 35+ rainbows with many in the 16''- 18'' range. The weather was perfect with sunshine and a nice 70 degrees. I think Spring is here, and the caddis are loving it. The bugs really didn't get going until about 11AM, but once they were coming off in good numbers the fish started eating really well. From 11AM to 3PM the fishing was stupid good. If you want the opportunity to throw dry flies now is the time to go to the Sac. Check out my website for more informaiton on this incredible tailwater fishery. Space is filling up for the spring madness on the Sac!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Feather on 3/7/2007

I went looking for the first signs of the half pounder run on the Feather. I got to the river around 2:00PM and stayed until 5:30PM. The fishing had gone better than last week. Plus I didn't fall in this time, so I was much warmer. Today I hooked 3 half pounders, and one very surprising wild adult. The adult was a chromed out 22'' wild fish. The spots that proved the most successful were Robinsons and Matthews. Three of the fish came on 14BH King Princes, and one fish on a 14BH Prince. The fishing should improve over the next two weeks. Check out my website if you want more information about booking a trip to catch these fiesty juevinille steelies.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Lower Sac on 3/4/2007

The Lower Sac was epic. One of the biggest caddis hatches I have seen in a long time came off in the nice 70 degree weather. The caddis were popping so thick that it looked like it was snowing all day long. I had the pleasure of fishing with my cousin Erica and her husband Bryan. Today was their first day of fly fishing, and what a first day they had. We hooked 40+ rainbows and there were quite a few fish between 17''-19''. I once again decided to float from Bonnyview down to Anderson River Park. The Sac did not fish well for the first two hours, but after about 10AM the fishing turned on for the rest of the day. The hot bugs were 16BH King Prince and 16BH Amber Wing Prince. If you want to get in on the huge caddis hatches of March and April you need to book now. Check out my website for additional information.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Feather on 2/28/2007

Went searching for some early spring half pounders today on the Feather. I didn't spend a whole lot of time on the water, because I fell in and was soaking wet. I probably had 3 gallons of water inside my waders, and it was cold out there. Anyways, I got to the river around 2PM and stayed until 4PM. Fished Shithouse and Matthew riffles, and never hooked a fish. Tried caddis stuff, mayfly patterns, san juans, alevins, etc. You name it and I tried it. The fish are just not in yet. A couple more weeks and we should start to see the first run of the half pounders on the Feather. Check out my webpage if you are intertested in catching juvenille steelhead in March and April on a 5 weight!!