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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lower Sac Update

With all of the fluctuating flows I thought that I would give you and up-to-date report on the conditions I saw early this week.

I fished the Lower Sac on Monday and Tuesday. The river was flowing at 11,000 cfs. We had some solid winter fishing on beads. Monday we hooked 25+ fish and Tuesday hooked 35+ fish. I kept trying different nymphs throughout the day but could not find one that they would eat on a cosistent basis. We did manage to catch a couple fish on Hogans S&M. But all of the typical winter nymphs like micromays, Hogans red headed step child, and gidgets did not produce. The reason Tuesday was better than Monday is due to the rain we had on Tuesday. In the winter time the best fishing happens on overcast rainy days on all of the valley rivers. So put on that rain jacket and man up!! Just this morning they raised the river to 16,800 cfs. So give the river a couple of days to settle down and then it should be game on again. Most guides fish the river with good success all the way to 25,000.

The Yuba is still blown out. In my opinion the river needs to be below 4,000 cfs to be fishable. All week it has been flowing at 6,000 cfs so with this dry weather coming we may have a small window to get out there.

Lastly the upper parts of the Feather in downtown Oroville open on Jan. 1. Currently this is probably the most viable option in the valley. Low clear water is the name of the game. Expect good fishing for 3-6lb steelhead on eggs, baetis nymphs, and san juans. This is going to be a small window so make sure to get out there in the first three weeks. After these fish have been hit a few times they will move up into the hatchery. This is a great half day trip for someone looking to work on their nymphing technique and catch a few steelhead.

Well that is about it. Hope this points you in the right direction to find some fishing admist all of the high water. Anyone looking to do a trip I have Jan 3-4 and 10-16 open for any last minute bookings.

Happy New Year and Tight Lines.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Fishing Report

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In this report you will find Holiday Fishing Discounts, Availabilities, and an Up-to-date Fishing report on the Lower Sac and Yuba.


The Holiday Winter Special is back! Over the last 4 years this has become one of my biggest promotions of the year. How does it work. Book 2 days and get the 3rd free! If you book 2 days between January 1st and March 15th then you get the third free. All 3 days do not have to be consecutive. You could fish the Lower Sac in January during the second egg bite, then hit the Skwala Hatch on the Yuba in February, and finish is up with some spring steelhead on the Feather in March. This is a $400 value for free!

If you want to get some fishing in this winter then my openings are below:

January 1-3, 6, 10-29, 31 & Feb 1, 7-24, 28 & March 1-14

As for the fishing there are plenty of fish still be caught with all of the rain and high flows that the central valley has been receiving. Check out the current reports below.

Lower Sac: This is the time of year that we catch some of the biggest rainbows on the river. Daily we catch fish near the 20" mark. Just last week we had one trip where we landed 4 fish between 20-23 inches!!! So if you have the itch to chase some big rainbows and you dont mind a little rain then now is the time to go.

Currently the river is running at summer flows of 15,000 cfs. I have been out there the last two days and the river is fishing decently with most days resulting in 20ish hookups. The river should be dropping in the next week as these winter storms lighten up. The hot flies have been eggs, eggs, and eggs. In the next couple of weeks the second egg bite should be getting started. This means big fish looking for beads from those winter salmon. If you are going to head out there fish a little deeper and add some split shot. Remember you need to get those bugs down to the fish. If you bump them in the nose you will start fishing more effectively.

Yuba: The Yuba River was having the best winter that I could remember before it blew out this last week. We were having 30+ hookups on a daily basis out here the first couple weeks of December. Plus we were hooking a random winter steelhead. Some of these were big wild fish and others hatchery fish taking the wrong turn from the Feather. Last week we landed 2 steelhead with one going 21" and the other 22".

Currently the river is blown out but should be fishable by the end of the weekend. The river is dropping at a steady rate and we should see in the next few days what the outlook is going to be. Remember you can fish the Yuba effectively at flows below 4,000 CFS. The hot flies are going to be eggs, san juans, rubberlegs, Hogan's S&M, and small pheasant tails. Expect things to get really good come January. This is a fun time of year where fish gobble up those eggs and you have the potential of finding some chrome.

Well....... I think that is it. Hope you are all doing well.

Tight Lines!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Fishing Report

November has been a fun month. Chasing big fish on both the Lower Sac and the Feather has been keeping me quite busy. Check out my report on all of the valley rivers that I guide. It has been another great fall. For those of you looking for a deal I am offering a discount on a few select dates.

I have had some last minute canceallations and days that I have been unable to fill. So I am offering discounted trips at the price of $275. This is $125 dollars off the regular full day price. What do you get? You get a full day of guided fly fishing at the half day cost. I provide all the gear and you bring your own lunch/drinks.

I have had some last minute canceallations and days that I have been unable to fill. So I am offering discounted trips at the price of $275. This is $125 dollars off the regular full day price. What do you get? You get a full day of guided fly fishing at the half day cost. I provide all the gear and you bring your own lunch/drinks.

Discounted Days: November 20-23, 28-30 & December 1-5

Regular Availabilities: December 17-23, 29-31 & January 1-6, 10-16, 18-31

Lower Sac: Best Big Fish Month Ever on Lower Sac!!!

The Lower Sac has had an interesting month. I have never seen this many big fish on the Lower Sac since I have been guiding the river. The upper stretches of the river by Sundial Bridge has been giving up some true trophies. Literally everyday we are catching multiple 20" fish!! The key to the fishing has been to do multiple short floats and then go up to Market Street in the afternoon. It is crazy when you are thinking the small ones are 18". Right now the river is fishing the best from 10AM until about 3PM. So there is no rush to be on the river. Hot flies are tan pupahs, olive micro mays, and birds nest.

Expect the fishing to remain solid on the river for the next few weeks. With this Indian Summer that we are having those rainbows are still chowing down on caddis. When the rain and winter finally decide to show up then it will be time to start throwing those eggs and baetis nymphs. Once we get to January then things will really start turning up.

Feather: This has been an excellent year on the Feather. We had huge returns of salmon this year and that led to lots of steelhead sitting behind them feasting on eggs. Most days we are hooking between 10-12 fish. All of the fish have been cookie cutter 3-5lb fish in the 20-23" range. These are some hot pissed off fish that like to run and jump as soon as you hook them. As of last week the river was fishing really well but all of this 75 degree weather in November has tightened up the fishing. Last day out there only hooked 5 fish. Seems like the majority of the fish have pushed up to the hatchery. However this should change as we get some nasty weather coming in for this weekend. If we get some bad weather for a while expect the Feather to fish decently all the way through the first part of December. It might not be lights out but there are going to be some great fish to be caught. The good news is that there are fresh salmon starting to spawn in high flow so eggs and bad weather for the next week could mean some really good fishing. If you go the hot flies have been eggs and red san juan worms.

Yuba: This time of year the Yuba can be a tough fishery as those fish have been gorging on eggs and have been caught multiple times. However there is good fishing to come. Not many people know that the Yuba fishes really well in December and January. If you are lucky enough to get out there on an overcast day then watch out. Those fish love to eat eggs and baetis nymphs under the clouds. Check out this fish that Bob Quinn caught from the Yuba last January on an egg pattern. If you don't mind a little cold then some great fishing can be had. If you are going out there try fishing eggs, small pheasant tails, Hogan's S&M, Hogan's Read Headed Step Child, and Skwala Nymphs.

I hope all of you are getting some good fishing in. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Tight Lines!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Fishing Update

This has been an interesting month. Typically it is easy to figure out the best fishing this time of year. Do you want tons of grabs or roll the dice and try to find some steelhead? This is the question that typically answers itself in October. However this month it has been some what of a head scratcher. Read my thoughts and outlooks below. Hope this helps you to figure out where to go next week.

Lower Sac: The fishing on the Sac has been good but not great. This fall our numbers on trout have been down. Most days right now we are landing 20-25 trout. The egg bite is slowly still progressing and is usually better on overcast/rainy days. However the one bright spot for the Sac has been the size of the rainbows. Take yesterday for example. Just in the afternoon we landed 3 20" fish, 4 19" fish, and 3 18" fish. For the pure size of the trout it really doesn't get any better. So the name of the game has been doing a short float in the morning when the fishing is tight and then heading back up river to Posse grounds once the fishing picks up in the afternoon. The last three weeks the afternoon has been much better than the morning. Hot flies have been eggs, tan pupahs, tan birds nest, micro mays, and Hogan's S&M. I would expect the Lower Sac to stay status quo for the next couple of weeks. However those of you looking to do some steelhead fishing things should improve on the lower stretches of the river. Expect the pressure on the river to start decreasing as people move over to the Trinity.

Feather: The Feather is continuing to progress nicely. There are still tons of salmon spawning in the river. But even more exciting than that is there are still salmon in the deep water moving up. The next month on the Feather should be really good. I guided 2 half day trips on the river this week and each day we saw a mix of half pounders and adults. Monday we hooked 8 fish and Thursday we hooked 7 in about 5hours of fishing. Most of the steelhead that are in the system are between 18-23". However there are a few big fish still being caught. I have yet to go down to High Flow but will venture down there this week. The hot flies have been eggs and eggs. Every fish that I have hooked in the last four trips on the river has been on an egg pattern.

Yuba: I don't have the best information on the Yuba as I have not been over in three weeks. I keep hearing rumors that there are salmon in the lower stretches of the river by Hammond Grove. If you go over there try eggs and small may fly nymphs. This river is going to stop fishing once we get into the dull drums of November. So don't have huge expectations if you head out to the Yuba. Things will pick up again in December once the winter run of Salmon start and there is less pressure on the water.

Well........that is about everything that I have seen. Hope this info helps you out. Get excited because the first good steelhead fishing of the year is just around the corner. If you are looking for some last minute openings I have November 9,17,22-23, and 28-30 available. See you out there.

Fish Hard!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cancellation this Saturday

For anyone interested I just had a cancellation for this Saturday. Right now the Yuba is fishing really good for trout. So that is probably where you will want to go. The last couple of days out there have been impressive with 30+ hookups on great fish. Actually yesterday is the best trip I have ever had out there. If you want to go out email me ASAP at

Tight Lines!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yuba & Lower Sac Report

Well I am finally back on the river. It has been a nice three weeks off of catching up on overdue Cast Hope work and sleeping in. It is nice being able to get up around 8AM each morning. Not to many more days of that left until Thanksgiving. The good news is that the fall is quickly approaching and the signs of the first salmon have been spotted on both the Yuba and Lower Sac. I was on each river once this last week. Here is a detailed report of what I saw on each.

The Yuba fished clients hooked 20+ rainbows and landed about 15 for the boat. Pretty typical day on the Yuba. It seemed like the morning and the middle of the day fished the best. The fishing seemed to tighten up in the afternoon around 3PM. What was crazy is that one of my clients had two fish on the same nymph rig twice during the day. We never landed both trout. It seems like this happens periodically throughout the year but rarely do we land both fish. In 7 years of guiding have only landed both twice. The good news is that I saw about 30 salmon swimming around in the deeper water. So in about 1-2 weeks we should start to see our first salmon on redds. The hot flies were eggs, fox pupah, small pheasant tails, and copper johns.

The Lower Sac was a different story as compared to the Yuba. I had a Cast Hope trip there on Thursday and I decided to do a short float from Posse Grounds down to Aqua Golf. We fished from 10AM till 3PM. The morning was brutal!!!! We didn't even hook our first fish until noon. The fishing was so tough we pulled over underneath the Sundial bridge to pick some blackberries. I thought this would keep the youngster entertained for a while. After some blackberry picking and eating lunch the fishing turned on. The fish started to eat around 1PM and for the rest of the day it was pretty typical Lower Sac. The hot flies were tan birds nest, fox pupah, and Hogans S&M.

I will be on the water 6-7 days a week through the end of October so I will try to update my blog once a week to keep everyone in touch of current conditions.

For those of you looking to do some fishing my October is completely booked. However now is the time to book prime steelhead dates for the Feather and Lower Sac. I currently have Nov. 1-6 and 8-11 available. These are the two best weeks for steelhead fishing on both of these rivers.

Tight Lines!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last South Fork Update

The South Fork has finally hit the dull-drums of summer. This typically hits about the first week of August but like everything else this summer we are about 3 weeks behind schedule on our hatches and weather patterns. The PMD hatch is pooping out and the hoppers have not started yet so the fish don't have a lot to be excited about. Needless to say we are really having to work for the grabs and those fish are becoming little picky snobs.

Currently there are no hot drifts in the river. All of the sections are fishing about the same. The upper and canyon stretches have small windows of PMD fishing in the afternoon. While the lower still has a few golden stones and the random hopper to entice the fish. I saw my first hopper two days ago. So that should reignite the river for a couple of weeks once we see enough of them. The last week I have been bouncing back and forth between the upper canyon, lower canyon, and lower sections of the river. Lots of fish between 12-18" being caught but no real big dogs of late. The hot bugs have been para-hoppers, Lawsons Pink PMD cripple, rusty spinner, and the lightning bug.

Last Sunday I got the chance to go fish with a couple of guide buddies of mine from the Lodge. We took my friends jet boat down to Tilden on the main snake. This is the land of big fish. Not lots of grabs but the ones you get are good. Between three of us we hooked 10 trout and landed 6 of them. We had 4 rainbows between 20-21". No monsters that day but the video on my blog says it all.

The good news is that I am coming home in 7 days. I am excited to take a couple of weeks off before the grind of the fall starts. For those of you interested in fishing the Lower Sac, Yuba, and Feather this fall contact me ASAP for prime dates. I still have October 25-28, 31 (Sunday) and November 6-7 (Saturday & Sunday) available. These are prime dates for either the Lower Sac or Feather.

I hope you are all doing well.

Tight Lines!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

South Fork Snake (ID) Report & August Hoppers

Well......Once again it has been a slow start to our fishing on the South Fork of the Snake here in Irwin, Idaho. Currently the river is still high at 16,000 CFS and a frigid 52 degrees. With the high and cold water our hatches have been delayed by a couple of weeks. That means no dry flies yet. The name of the game has been nymphing. The fishing has been fairly average the first couple of weeks with most days landing 25-30 trout per boat. The hot flies have been rubberlegs, San Juans (pink & red), and any small baetis nymph. The last week there have been lots of rainbows and browns caught. Not to many cuttys yet as they are starting to finish their spawning season. Right now the best fishing has been on the Lower Stretches of the river (ie: Cottonwood to Byington & Byington to Lorenzo).

The good news is that yesterday I saw my first Salmon Fly of the season. So get ready because the S. Fork is days away from blowing up. Big Dry Flies are on the horizon. In addition to the big bugs we are starting to see more Green Drakes each day on the river. So I have to assume by the middle of next week it will be time to put the indicators away and string up those dry fly rods.

I also wanted to mention that the word out here in the Rockies is that there is going to be a huge infestation of hoppers this summer. Fish & Game are calling for one of the largest hopper hatches that they have seen in years. If that forecast holds up we could have some ridiculous fishing this August. So get excited any of you that are making your way to Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming this summer. Gotta love throwing hoppers against undercut banks.

Lastly I wanted to finish my post with an awesome fishing story. Last week I guided Daniele and her husband Bart for 6 days on the S. Fork. All week Daniele was catching the largest fish of the trip. So naturally Bart was excited and frustrated all at the same time. Well the last day of the trip Daniele laid it on thick with some great big fish mojo. Her last day of fishing on the upper resulted in her catching a 19" rainbow, 20" brown, 21" brown, and 22.5" brown. It was awesome watching her pull in big fish after big fish. What a way to end the trip! Check out the two photos!

For those of you that want to come out here check out the Lodge at Palisades Creek. Also people are starting to call about CA dates in the fall so you will want to start figuring out those calendars to get in on prime dates!

Tight Lines!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm Still Alive

Well.......It has been a while since my last post. Life has been really busy with Cast Hope, Guiding, and Planning for my 4th Season on the South Fork. The good news is that life is back to normal. Cast Hope had an awesome 1st Annual Benefit and Auction on May 22, 2010. There was a great turnout with over 100 people showing up at Lelands for a great cause. Plus we made some money as well. All of the money raised is going to help get youth on the water fly fishing. If you were unable to make it to the 1st annual hopefully we will see you out there next year.

Now I am looking forward to taking off to guide my fourth season on the South Fork of the Snake River in Idaho. In one week I will be leaving those deared indicators of the Sac, Yuba, and Feather and trading them in for big Salmonfly dries. But before I do that there is more guiding to be done here in CA.

Alright enough about me you say..........What is going on with our local rivers? Well here is what I saw this week:

Lower Sac: The Sac continues to fish well even with the high water. Currently the river is at 15,000 CFS. It took the fish a couple of days to adjust to the high water but now they are back on the feed again. This last week it seems like the majority of the guides out have been focusing on the river from Bonnyview down to Balls Ferry. It is really easy to do these longer drifts now because there is current everywhere and you get pushed down river much faster. The key to finding fish has been fishing the softer water on the edge of the riffles. I have been getting very few fish in the flats. Most of the fish seemed to be grouped up in the slower tailouts and runs. The hot bugs have been rubberlegs (8), king princes (16), tan birds nest (16), flashback pheasant tail (14), and mercers epoxyback pmd (16).

Yuba: Well currently the Yuba has BIG water with the flows at 6,000 CFS. I was lucky enough to guide it this week when the water was still at 3,200 CFS. The fishing was really good with the spring like conditions that are continuing to hold on. Like the Lower Sac most of the fish we caught came in the softer edges of the riffles. It seems like the fish were trying to hold up in the softer water just outside of the major current. I found fish in all of my regular spots. The hot bugs were the Foxy Stone (12), Red Copper John (16), and Olive Fox Pupah (16). The dry fly fishing was almost non-existent. But then again I missed the prime caddis time as we were off the water by 4PM.

Feather: I have not been on the Feather for over a month now. But I am hearing rumors that there are still some spring steelhead to be caught. Talking to another guide who fished it last week he said that they hooked 11 fish and three of them were over 20 inches. Now this is second hand information so take it in stride. So the Feather sounds like an option as well. It might be a roll of the dice this late in the season but it sounds like fish are still moving into the system with this late rain we are getting. Plus if you get a big boy then it was well worth your time.

That is all of the info I got. Still some good fishing to be had in the valley as long as temperatures stay in the 80's and 90's. Once we start hitting those 100 degree days then time to start hitting your favorite mountain streams (assuming they are not blown out from the snow).

Hope this helps.

Tight Lines!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hot Spring Fishing Continues

Well we are getting to the end of April and there is more rain coming this week. Can you believe that it is going to be in the high 50s? At least we are getting some water for the years to come. Since we have been having a cooler year this means that our spring fishing is going to persist through the middle of May. Those more typical summer fishing will not start showing up for another month. This is great news because right now the fish are still really grabby. The last couple of weeks I have been primarily on the Lower Sac with a handful of day on the Yuba. Below you can find what I have been seeing on these rivers.

The Lower Sac has been fishing really good if you don't get stuck on the river during a major flow change of 1,000+ cfs. Currently the river is at 6,500 cfs. I have been living on the Anderson sections of the river from Sac RV/Anderson River Park to Balls Ferry. Most days right now we are boating 30+ rainbows. A lot of the fish we are getting are between 14-16" with a handful of shots at bows 18" or larger. Actually today we hooked and lost about a 5-6lb steelhead. Another big fish gets away. I'M PRETTY SURE THAT IS THE STORY OF MY GUIDING CAREER! LOL! The hot bugs have been rubberlegs, yellow microspawn, king prince, and prince nymphs. Over the next 2-3 weeks expect the fishing to remain consistent. As the flows increase the fish are going to start moving. I'm getting excited because this means soon we can start fishing more of the clay down on the lower drifts.

The Yuba is starting to get back to its normal self. Most days we are hooking 15-20 rainbows. The dry fly fishing has tightened up this last week. Not as many fish rising in the flats. Currently the bug life has been some sporadic hatches of pmds, march browns, baetis, and yellow sallies. But it seems to me that the transition to caddis as the main food source has begun. I saw a lot more caddis this week than I have all spring. So as the weather gets warmer the later part of next week the caddis fishing should start to get really good. For those of you wanting to stay late in the day you should be rewarded with some decent dry fly fishing. The hot bugs this last week has been San Juan Worms, Copper Johns, Hogan's S&M, and Olive Pupah.

Well for those of you that want to get out the first couple weeks of May I have some prime openings. May 3, 4, 5, 11, 13, 17, & 18. All of these dates should be great for some fishing on the Lower Sac or Yuba. Let me know if you want to get out.

Tight Lines!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lower Sac, Feather, and Yuba Reports.

The last two weeks I have been bouncing around to all three rivers. All of the rivers are fishing really well right now. This is the time of the year where the fish are hungry and the weather is forecasted to be really nice for the next couple of weeks. Check out the reports for each fishery below.

Lower Sac: The Sac is continuing to fish well. Those rainbows are continuing to gorge themselves on olive caddis. The pmd hatch is steadily increasing and will soon become the food of choice. Three days on the river last week all resulted in trips with 30+ rainbows to hand. I have been concentrating on the river between Anderson and Balls Ferry. For those of you who are looking to pull on a bunch of fish this is the time to go. Bring out the kids, friends, or loved one to catch a bunch of feisty rainbows. The Lower Sac should continue to fish really well for the next month. Hot bugs have been rubberlegs, king prince (16), olive dirty bird (16), prince nymph (16), and yellow sucker spawn.

Feather: The SPRINGERS ARE HERE! I guided the Lower Feather three times the last week and those half pound steelhead are in the system. This is a great option for those of you looking for fish that really pull hard. If you think the Yuba fish pull hard then you will be even more impressed with the Feather half pounders. Lately it has been more like trout fishing with each day resulting in 15+ hook-ups with fish between 15-20". However yesterday some of the larger fish started to show up. Two guys yesterday landed three 20" bucks, one 22" hen, and one 23" hen. The next three weeks on the Feather are going to be prime as the weather gets warmer and more fish move into the system. Hot bugs have been prince nymphs, Hogan's S&M, Hogan's Red Headed Step Child, and San Juan Worms.

Yuba: Over the last month I have been on the Yuba more than any of the other rivers. All I can say is that the river is back to its normal self. Right now most days are resulting in approximately 20 hook-ups. However the dry fly fishing has been really good. Most days right now we are getting 4-5 dry fly eats on each trip. The dry fly fishing is really technical but if you can get the fly to come down first to the fish they eat it almost every time. Currently there are lots of March Browns and the PMD's are just starting to hatch. So the fishing will remain solid for the next month. For you dry fly guys now is the time to go! Hot bugs have been copper johns, flashback pheasant tails, olive dirty bird, and Hogan's Clinger Nymph.

For those of you interested in doing some fishing during the next month I have listed my availabilities below. All of these April dates are prime for the valley fishing.I still have a couple weekend dates open.

April 12, 15, 18 (Sunday), 19, 26-29

May 2 (Sunday)

Good Luck & Tight Lines!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lower Sac, Yuba, Feather Trifecta in 3 Days

I just got done guiding the Lower Sac, Yuba, and Feather in three days with the same guys. It was a great trip as all of the rivers were on FIRE. This is truly a special time right now in the North Valley. Bruce and his son Kevin had never fished any of the rivers and by the end of the weekend I think they had a new appreciation for their home fisheries. Below you can find a report from what I saw out there.

Lower Sac (Day 1): Fished the Lower Sac from Anderson down to Balls Ferry. River was incredible. Boated over 40 rainbows. But lots of little fish that day. The majority of the fish were between 10"-14". However we were lucky enough to find a big guy that went 22". The hot bugs were the normal spring flies with rubber legs, yellow eggs, prince nymphs, pheasant tail, etc. Expect the Lower Sac to fish well through the end of April. For those of you waiting for good reports: NOW IS THE TIME!

Lower Yuba (Day 2): Well the Yuba doesn't get much better than it has been the last week. I have been floating from Highway 20 down to the Rod/Gun Club. Lots of numbers and quality fish. The nymphing has been crazy good. Every standard spot has been holding fish. Currently most days we are hooking 20-25 rainbows. Plus each day we are getting shots at 20" fish. The hot flies have been SJWs, flashback pt, copper john, Hogan's S&M, and Hogan's Clinger. I have not been getting that much love on caddis yet. The dry fly fishing has been hit and miss depending on the pmd hatch in the middle of the day. Check out the nice double Bruce and Kevin pulled off.

Lower Feather (Day 3): Went and checked out the Feather with my clients to see if those springers were in there yet. Had a good day catching trout sized quarter pounders. Hooked 18 little guys between 10"-15". The biggest fish we found was only 18". No adults hooked. The hot flies were SJWs, olive birds nest, prince nymph, and Hogan's S&M. The Feather should get better and better over the next two weeks. Expect those big fish to start showing up real soon.

All in all we had a great three days of fishing. The trifecta was good to us.

For those of you interested in doing some fishing I just had a cancellation for March 17 and 18. These are the only two days I have left in March. Email ASAP if you want to get in on the great fishing.

Tight Lines!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lower Yuba Fishing Good

I guided the Lower Yuba today. It was supposed to be a full day trip but it ended up more like 2/3 of a day. The water looked awesome this morning. Great green color. Fish were super grabby from the start on egg patterns. Then as the day progressed our 4 feet of visibility turned into about 1 foot of visibility by three o'clock. It didn't help that they increased the flow to 2,300 cfs right in the middle of the day. But that is part of the game.

All in all it was a good day. Hooked 16 hot rainbows between 16"-19" in about 5.5 hours of fishing. It could have been a banner day if the water clarity would have stayed good.

Should be fishable again by Friday. Assuming the weather man is correct and everything is going to be dry tomorrow.

Tight Lines!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lower Sac gets SILLY Good

Get Excited! This warm week of February has started our spring fishing. Yesterday I was fishing in shorts. Gotta love California. This means that in the next month things are going to be getting silly on the Lower Sac. If you want to fish the caddis hatch on the Sac then plan on it happening for the fourth year in row during the month of March. I know that there will be more cold weather to come but once those caddis start moving every warm day from here on out is going to be banner.

The last three days on the Lower Sac have been really good. Each of those days we boated 30+ rainbows and lost many others. The reason that the fish have gotten so grabby is due to the spring caddis hatch that is coming off in the middle of the day. The hatch actually doesn't start until about 1PM, but it seems that those fish really start to turn on about 10AM. The fishing is really consistent during the hours of 10AM-3PM. Yesterday for instance we boated 19 rainbows by lunch and 18 rainbows after lunch. The hot bugs have been various prince nymphs in size 16, rubberlegs, and yellow micro spawn. I have floated from Bonnyview to Anderson and Anderson to Balls Ferry and it seems that both sections are fishing equally as well.

For those of you looking for dates in March I only have 6 availabilities still open. March 2, 19 (Friday), 20 (Saturday), 23, 30-31. Let me know if you would like to book one of these prime time dates.

I hope you are all doing well.

Tight Lines!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lower Sac & Yuba Rivers Fishable by the Weekend

I'm writing to tell everyone that the Yuba and Lower Sac should be fishable by this weekend. Flows spiked a little last night but it looks like the next three days are going to be dry. The rivers might not necessarily be clear by this weekend but they should be fishable. Remember you only need a couple feet of visibility to catch those rainbows. When the conditions are off color like that then the name of the game is large and bright flies. Fish eggs, rubberlegs, san juans, and larger nymphs. Hope this helps for those of you itching to get out there.

If anyone is interested in doing some last minute fishing then I have some more days that I am offering at a discount. Once again you get a full day of fishing at the half day cost of $275. This is a savings of $125. The days that I am trying to fill are Jan. 31 (Sun.), Feb. 10 (Wed.), Feb. 12 (Fri.), and Feb. 14 (Sun.). Let me know ASAP if you want one of these discounted days.

Tight Lines!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Special Guide Deal

For those of you interested I am once again offering my discounted rate on a guided fly fishing trip for the Lower Sac or Yuba Rivers. Pay the half day rate of $275 and get a full day of guided fly fishing. This is a savings of $125.

The days that I have available at this special rate are below:

January 8 (Fri.), 10 (Sun.), 12-13, and 18-19

There are lots of big rainbows to be caught on the Lower Sac. Fishing from Posse Grounds down to Bonnyview has been really good as fish fill up on eggs and baetis. The Yuba has been good as well. Most days hooking 15+ rainbows and getting about an hour of solid dry fly fishing in.

Let me know asap if you want to book any of these last minute dates.