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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Discounted Trips - Yuba and Lower Sac Report

Hey guys. It has been a while since my last report. Things have definitely been different this summer with me staying in Chico for the fist time in 6 years. I have to admit that I am missing the cooler weather of Idaho and Wyoming. But needless to say the fishing remains really strong despite the hot weather. In this report you can find current reports on the Yuba and the Lower Sac plus save some money this summer with a discounted trip. Yuba: The Yuba has had good dry fly fishing the last 3 weeks. The hopper fishing has been really consistent from 1-4PM. It definitely seems like the fishing before and after that time window is really hit and miss. The best hopper fishing has been on the lower parts of the river near hammond grove. Right now this is the perfect time to go do a pure half day dry fly trip. The nymphing has been pretty average. On full day trips we have started fishing around 10AM and break for lunch around 1PM. In that time frame my clients have been hooking between 8-10 fish a morning. Then after lunch we go dry or die and stick with the hopper game for the rest of the afternoon. Most afternoons we have been getting about 15+ eats on the hopper. One thing to keep in mind is that it seems like the bigger fish are on the banks looking for hoppers as there aren't many bugs hatching right now. With the food source on the bank its natural for the larger fish to congegrate that way. Lower Sac: The Lower Sac has been really good with the warm weather of late. I have been spending the majority of my time between Jellys Ferry and Bend. Most days we are hooking 40+ fish. What is really cool right now is the variety of the fishing opportunities. We are catching fish in the rocks, clay, and swirls. A couple of the swirls are fishing really good right now. It is so cool hooking a fish in a swirl and watching it swim straight to the bottom bending those 6 weights in half. Openings: For those of you looking to get some fishing in my openings are below: Discounted Trips: A full day trip for the half day cost of $300. This is a savings of $130. Aug 2-3, 7-15 Regular Price Openings: Aug 19-29, 31 & Sept 1-5 I hope all of you are well and are getting some fishing in. Good luck out there and stay cool! Tight Lines!