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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back on the Lower Sac

I have been on the Lower Sac three times this week. I have forgotten how different the guiding aspect is out here in California as compared to Idaho. A lot different when you are fishing with indicators as compared to little dry flies floating down the bank. The other thing that I had forgotten was how hot these Lower Sac rainbows are. We are so lucky to have such a huge resource and such a phenomenal fishery as the Lower Sac. I am positive if you tied a line between a Lower Sac rainbow and a South Fork of the Snake fish then the Lower Sac fish would drag the Snake trout up and down the river.

Anyhow.....back to the fishing. The upper part of the Lower Sac from Posse down to Anderson was really good. Each of the days we were hooking 40+ rainbows. The first day they were all over rubberlegs and caddis. While the other couple of days the hot bugs were pheasant tails, caddis pupahs, and micro mays. These fish on the upper drift have gotten fat and strong this summer. All of those Lower Sac bows look like little fat footballs. Pretty darn impressive.

The word on the Lower Drifts is that the fishing has been pretty tough. Most days as of this week guys were catching between 15-20 trout. A few steelhead are starting to show up but not in any great numbers yet.

Expect the fishing on the Lower Sac to just keeping improving over the next six weeks. For those of you looking to get some dates in for prime steelhead/trout fishing on the Lower Sac then the days are getting limited. I have November 4-5, 9-10, 12, & 21 (Saturday) still available.

I hope you are all getting some fishing in.

Tight Lines!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back in California

Well........I am finally back home from Idaho. I had another great season with the Lodge at Palisades Creek. After three years of guiding on the South Fork I have really started to fall in love with that river. I often find my mind wandering to fish rising to pmd's in the foam holes on the banks. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to guide out there and plan on going back for my fourth season in 2010.

Now that I am back home life is somewhat getting back to normal. Lots of work to be done on Cast Hope. We had a successful fundraiser that was hosted by my parents down in San Diego this last weekend. The Cast Hope organization continues to put one foot forward at a time as we strive to meet our budgets and goals to get Northern California's youth out fly fishing on the river.

I had the opportunity to guide Putah Creek last week for a half day in the morning. We were able to find plenty of fish but nothing of great size. My client landed 10 rainbows in about four hours but all of them were about 8 inches long. Nothing to exciting. The hot bugs were a small tan caddis pupah and a size 18 black zebra midge.

I will be back to rowing the boat again this next week on the Lower Sac. As we get prepared for the famous egg bite coming up in a matter of weeks I can feel the anticipation already starting inside of me. Really look for things to start picking up near the end of the month.

For anyone interested I have some prime dates that I still have available are September 30 and October 6-8.

I hope you all are getting some fishing in.

Tight Lines!