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Sunday, May 27, 2012

No Longer Just a Trout / Steelhead Guide!!!

BIG NEWS! I am now guiding for SHAD, STRIPERS, SMALLMOUTH, LARGEMOUTH, and CARP. I have recently purchased a 18 foot jon boat with a 90 Honda to push us up and down the Sacramento River just outside of Chico. Thats right no more oars. Now we can run a drift as many times as we want to as there will be no back rowing with this boat. The SHAD are just showing up so those of you that are looking to do a SHAD TRIP the end of May through early June will be the time to get out there. I will be guiding all the warm water species through the summer in addition to my normal trout options of the Lower Sac and Yuba. If you haven't caught a striper or a shad on a fly rod then this summer is the time to do that. I will gladly help assist you in chasing the next local game fish. Below you can find my openings and reports of what to expect in the next month. Shad Openings & Summer Fishing Prime shad fishing is just a week away. Don't miss your opportunity to come shad fishing on the Sacramento River for a night. SHAD Trips are only $225/evening!!! Also to keep on your radar - once the shad leave then the striper fishing is going to be getting good. So once the shad leave come late June then the Stripers are going to be hungry and ready to eat those clousers. And as always the trout fishing will be strong in June on the Lower Sac and Yuba. Shad Trips: May 30, June 3-5, 7, 9-15 Striper/Bass/Carp Fishing: June 22-25, 27-28, July 3-12 Trout Fishing: May 30, June 3-5, 7, 9-13, 22-25, July 3-12 So Many SUMMER Options - Where to GO? The Warm Water fishing on the Lower Sac is just getting started. The best part of the warm water fishing on the Sacramemto is the ability to fish for a multitude of species in a short period of time. Literally in 1 day a person can catch a shad, striper, bass, and carp. Now I will admit that all the stars will have to align to get the Sac slam but if you like lots of variety and some really cool situations then this is the fishing for you. Shad: The Shad fishing is just getting started and within the next week things should really be going strong. There is nothing better than hanging out for a few hours and pulling on a bunch of fish. Shad are also known as the poor mans tarpon as they really pull hard. The beauty of shad fishing is the ability of getting into a good number of fish in the 2-5lb range during a short time period. Stripers: The Striper fishing has also started but will get much better once the shad are gone. With lots of shad in the river there is so much food for the stripers that they fill themselves up on live bait. Once our shad friends leave the middle part of June then its time to get out the 9 weights and throw clousers for these big bruisers. When a striper eats your fly its like a train running into your line and the battle begins. Fish in the 3-8lb range are common with fish in the mid teens a true possibility. Every time striper fishing we have a real shot at trophy fish in the 20lb class. Bass: The smallmouth fishing is going off right now. Just yesterday we had lots of grabs from smallies in the 1-2lb range. A great way to spend a couple hours sight fishing for our hard pulling warm water friends. This is a great option for a couple of hours to add to a shad trip. Yesterday the hot fly was a brown/yellow streamer. As soon as that thing hit the water those fish were all over it. Carp: There are a good number of carp right now in the shallows. Now these are fishable as of right now but will get much more consistent once the weather turns warmer. If you like to sight fish to big picky fish then this is the next frontier. Carp are big mean fish and the Sac has plenty of them in the 10-20lb class. Lower Sac Trout: The Sac continues to fish decent. Right now most days we are landing about 20ish rainbows in the 15-18" class. Right now with the flows around 10K we are spending most of our time between Bonnyview and Balls Ferry. Currently the morning time and early afternoon has been best. There is not much reason to be on the river past 4PM. The Sac will continue to fish well through June. Expect the PMDS and Caddis to continue to hatch strong throughout the summer. The hot flies have been pmds and baetis. It seems like the baetis is fishing best early in the morning and then the pmd starts happening during the middle parts of the day. This is a great time of year to get the kids out. Celebrate the end of another school year with a trip with your son or daughter. Yuba Trout: The flows on the Yuba have stabilized the last 3-4 weeks and the fishing has remained consistent. Right now we are hooking about 20ish fish per day. This is the time of year when the caddis dry fly fishing is going to start picking up in the evening times. So if you are looking to hook some fish on dry flies then now is the time to get out there. The best dry fly window is going to be the last 2 hours of the day. Hot dries are going to be tan x-caddis and ec-caddis.