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Friday, January 27, 2012

Discounted Fishing & Spring Valley Preveiw

Big news...there is some crazy good deals to fish in February. February is a good time to catch those 1st spring hatches. Skwalas on the Yuba and early Caddis on the Lower Sac. So check your calendars if you want to save some great $. Also spring is filling up so if you want to fish during the prime time of March and April now is the time to start booking. Weekend dates for these two months are almost gone!!!!

What is the big news in my life? Well it has been an interesting month. The first week of January I had surgery on my tailbone so I have not been doing much of anything lately. I haven't been able to sit down for 3 weeks!!! But the great news is as of yesterday my Doctor cleared me to start fishing and rowing the boat again. So I guess you can say that my Ass has been cleared. LOL. It will be nice to get back on the water.

February Deals & Spring Openings

During the month of February I am going to be offering select discounted trips. I will be discounting full day trips by $130/day. You get a full day trip at the half day price of $295!!! Check out the discounted days below. Also the next couple of weeks is time to start booking your spring fishing dates as prime time openings are filling up. Open dates below:

February Discounts ($295 full day): 5-9, 11-17, 20-21, 28

March: 1, 6-7, 15-16, 17-18 (Sat/Sun), 19-23, 27-28

April: 2, 5-6, 7 (Sat), 9-13, 14-15 (Sat/Sun),16-20, 23-24, 27,30

Spring Fishing Coming Soon!

Some of the best fishing of the year is just around the corner. For those dry fly fisherman out there the Yuba is going to be prime. The Skwala hatch is a couple weeks away, the March Browns will come in March, and then the PMDS in April. If you want to throw dries to picky feisty rainbows then the spring is the best time of year on the Yuba.

The Lower Sac famous caddis hatch is going to happen in March and April. What most people dont realize is that the hatch actually starts in the end of February. Once the warm weather shows up the Sac just goes off. If you want some of the most epic nymph fishing in northern California then the next several months are the time to go. Spring is the time for numbers on the Lower Sac.

Don't forget about the Feather!!! The spring run of steelhead the last 2 years has been impressive. Last year we saw more big fish and greater numbers of fish than I have ever seen. This is a band wagon that you need to jump on. The Feather River is getting better and better. Prime time for the springers is mid March - early May. These are the hottest fish in the valley all year long. You think the fall is cool the spring fish are even better!!!!

Well that is it. I hope you guys are doing well and getting some good steelhead fishing in. Sounds like there are a lot of fish around this winter.

Tight Lines,
Ryan Johnston