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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Insane Fishing

The fishing the last 3 weeks has been ridiculous!!!! Literally every river in the valley is fishing lights out. For those lucky enough to have been fishing in April we have had some huge days. The Lower Sac is fishing phenomenal for rainbows, the Yuba was plain stupid yesterday, and the Feather has been putting out solid numbers of chromers. Beautiful weather and lots of fish is making for some really big smiles! Check out the rest of the post for my limited openings in May and for up-to-date info on the Lower Sac, Feather, and Yuba. This good fishing should remain for through May with these late spring conditions we are experiencing. Great flows and lots of bugs means its time to get out there. I hope all of you are doing well and getting some fishing in. Stay tuned for my next post as there is going to be a change of direction in the near future. For a hint it involves buying a motor boat 2 weeks ago - starting to guide the Sacramento River for STRIPERS, SHAD, LARGEMOUTH, SMALLMOUTH, & CARP!!!!!! - and not going to Idaho anymore. But there is more info to come. Late Spring Openings - Limited Availability If you have been waiting to hit the really good fishing then now is the time to book. The outlook for the next 4-6 weeks is looking strong for both the Lower Sac and Yuba. Big hatches of bugs with really fishy flows are going to make for some awesome fishing through May. Check out my openings below: May: 10, 15-16, 21-22, 24-25, 26 (Sat.), 28 (Memorial Day), 30 The Rivers!!! The Lower Sac has been really good the last couple of weeks. The upper drifts from Bonnyview down to Anderson has been impressive with numbers of fish. Most days we are boating 30ish fish and hooking close to 50!!!!. If you are looking for a bunch of grabs then this is the time and place to be. Lots of hookups on great fish in the 15-18" class. The fishing on this drift has been so good I have not fished anywhere else the last 2 weeks. There have been runs where I am like holy crap I have never caught that many fish in that run ever. It is a really special time of year right now on the Lower Sac. What I'm really excited about is the Yuba is finally fishable again. For 6-7 weeks the flows on the Yuba have been all over the place from 30K-7K so I have been staying away from this river. But finally this warm weather has made the flows drop into the 2,500 cfs range. This is the perfect drift boat flow and the fish were super hungry yesterday. A nice mix of March Brown nymphs and eggs hooked a ton of fish. The dry fly fishing is going to be good once the water clears. With the amount of March Browns out there right now there is going to be some great dry fly fishing once the fish can see the bugs better. The Feather River has had a solid spring with most days resulting in 12ish hookups on bright pissed off fish in the 16-20" range. The name of the game this spring has been to fish the high flow. You tie on a sucker spawn and a red san juan and watch out. Crazy aggressive strikes have been the norm and some of the hottest fish in the valley have been showing off with strong moves and impressive jumps. The window on the Feather is going to be extended this year into mid - late May because of the number of fish that are still in the high flow. So expect the Low Flow Section to be putting out solid numbers of fish throughout the month of May. Nothing cooler than wet wading the Feather for spring steelhead. I love California. Tight Lines. Ryan Johnston